Posted on 01-Sep-2020
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Intergenerational Bonding: Build Stronger Relationships (IBG14H01E)


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  NSA Subsidy / Skills Future
   Centre For Seniors
Course Dates
  12-Nov-2020 to 13-Nov-2020
Course Duration
  •   2 Days
  •    09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Registration Period
  01-Sep-2020 to 11-Nov-2020


This 2 days programme equips older person the the knowledge and skills to communicate and interact with the young. Recognize emotional and behavioral changes of people they care for, share values and learn bonding skills to develop stronger relationship with younger generation. This programme will also benefitthose who intend to work as volunteer in student care centres or to do work in family community services.

1) Learn effective communication skills and how to interact with children
2) Learn how to identify positive behaviours and to motivate/guide children in improving their behaviours and attitude
3) Build stronger relationships to achieve intergenerational harmony
About Company

The Centre For Seniors manages training programmes, activities, and projects that help promote an active ageing culture in Singapore. The main goals are to advocate ageing with dignity, and fostering a society which enables seniors to continue to be gainfully employed.


Centre for Seniors
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