Posted on 10 May 2021
  Full Time

Night Operations Officer

UP TO $1800 per month
  Outram Park - EW16|NE3
Working Arrangements
  •   Weekend/s

Job Description
“Centre for Seniors helps seniors match age friendly jobs. Seniors are encouraged to apply for the following jobs.”

Duties and responsibilities
1. Operations
1.1 Provide direction to client (to Polyclinic, food outlets etc)
1.2 Guiding resident on independent living skills (washing machines, cooker, drying of clothes, area cleaning)
1.3 Ensure smooth running of the daily operations of New Hope Shelter
1.4 Assisting in the assets and inventories keeping and issue of food rations and other logistics items
1.5 Perform inspection to client rooms
1.6 Reporting of residents’ failure to abide by house rules and other inappropriate occurrences to the management
1.7 Supporting case managers (eg contacting uncontactable clients, passing messages, etc)

2. Housekeeping and Maintenance
2.1 Perform housekeeping duties at the office & staff area and other designated areas
2.2 Work with case managers on the assignment of cleaning duties to the residents
2.3 Ensure that all residents at the shelter co-operate in the upkeep of the premises and carry out their allocated cleaning duties.

3. Accountability
3.1 Report to the Operations Lead and work closely with the Case Manager/s
3.2 Follow the shift schedule of job coverage on site
3.3 Ensure that the shelter is not left unattended at any time
3.4 Perform any other related duties as and when required.

Working days and time: 4 days work week (Tue, Wed, Sat and Sun), 11 hours shift (6pm to 6am)

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