Posted on 10 May 2021
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Dialysis Care Associate

FROM $1500 per month
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Job Description
“Centre for Seniors helps seniors match age friendly jobs. Seniors are encouraged to apply for the following jobs.”

Job Descriptions:
1. Adhere to principles and practice of infection control, health and safety
2. Ensure equipment is clean, safe and in good working order and to report defects
3. Perform assignments as indicated:
a. RO water testing
b. Dilution of disinfectant
c. Calibration of Radiometer
d. Checking of fridge & store room temperature
e. Preparation of dialysis machine for dialysis treatment, distributing A concentrate solutions and other requisites
f. Priming of extracorporeal circuit
g. Assisting with pre/post dialysis specifications: weight, temperature and other vital signs of the patient
h. Topping up A concentrate solution
i. Replenishment of medical consumable items for daily usage
j. Cleaning and preparing of working trollies, including of white bags preparation
k. Removal of items from dialysis machine post dialysis
l. Disinfect dialysis machine and clean-up dialysis chairs, COWs, tote boxes and working trolleys
m. Changing of Endotoxin filter
n. Serving refreshment to patients
o. Distribution and cleaning of patient dialysis cards
p. Weekly cleaning of dialysis chairs and machines
q. Labelling routine/ad-hoc blood test tubes
r. Checking of evacuation bag
4. Report incidents / accidents immediately
5. Participate in nursing shift handover sessions
6. Participate in continuous quality improvement project

Working Hours:
- 5-day work week
- Monday to Saturday (including PH)
- Permanent rest day on Sundays. Off day can fall between Mon to Sat
- Morning Shift: 6.30am to 4.00pm
- Afternoon Shift: 2.00pm to 11.30pm
- Lunch/break duration is 1 hour for each shift

Shift allowance will be given.

Only Shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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